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“I’ve never met anyone like Natalie, she is so real, genuine & truly cares about her fans. She will stay hours after the show to meet, talk & autograph to show her gratitude. She is the life of the party & makes sure everyone is having a great time while she is performing & at the same time acting so professional. She is wise beyond her years. She works hard & sings amazing. She entertains everyone. She is the real deal..”
-Karen T. Indie Country Music   more...

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About Natalie Nicole Green

Stars aren’t born from reality shows and record deals. They’re born from living room showcases with hairbrush microphones, and jam packed middle school auditoriums full of proud parents and awestruck friends. They’re born from karaoke nights, practicing in the mirror and singing in the shower. That’s where the passion starts for most singers, and that’s where it started for Natalie Nicole Green, who is currently making her way in the country music business.   more...


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